Digital Industries

New way to reinvent the business & increase productivity

Trump intuition, build new solutions
Data-driven decision & automation
Buy after 1st results delivery, not before


New way to build products and services & deliver more outcomes

Open your technology
Capture, process & exchange data
Connect to external applications
Create new opportunities


BNP Paribas Factor

1) We capture & process mutliple formats data (structured & unstructured data) at the cost
2) We bring reporting & analytics capacities (The best suited tools)
3) We open our infrastructure to enable customers to leverage the data power
4) We invest for our customers on real data projects
5) We seamlessly integrate with our customers business

Key Features of GI Big Data

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • From morning idea to afternoon live
  • Open architecture with microservices connection

Key Technologies of GI Big Data

  • Transaction, traffic, Web data
  • ETL
  • Sandbox
  • ElasticSearch
  • Cache, Queue…
  • Openbox