GI Commerce



The Networked eCommerce Business enables Cdiscount to grow its eCommerce revenues by developing a new sales channel, kind of reverse marketplace: The white label boutiques.

Reverse Marketplace
Together with Cdiscount, we help publishers monetize their services

GI  invented, designed and built a new Networked Commerce Business between marketplaces and publishers.

In Europe, GI partners with Cdiscount.

We run boutiques for the publishers where the publishers’ customers can purchase products and benefit from credits to consume on the publisher’s websites.

We also bring FBD Innovation Foundation in the system as 0.5% of the price of acquisition of every single transaction is given back to the Foundation to finance great causes and innovation between startups / SME and large enterprises.

Everybody wins:

  • The final customers access services for free in exchange for their purchases
  • The people supported by the customers, publishers, and retailers are helped by FBD Innovation
  • The large publishers get paid for their services
  • The large retailers and large marketplaces get new revenues and new customers
  • GI grows