Big Banks

New business activity to increase revenues & profits

Finance orders of vendors on marketplaces

Large Marketplaces

New way to increase GMV, customer satisfaction & inventory

Give access to funds to finance vendors

Big Banks

BNP Paribas

1) We run the GI Big Data technology platform, capture & process data from the market
2) We build algorithms
3) We run the GI Banking technology platform
4) We enhance the bank IT system
5) We help the bank run the order finance business

Large Marketplaces

Rue du Commerce, FNAC, Cdiscount, Amazon, eBay, Price Minister…

1) We capture & process data
2) We help the marketplaces make use of their data
3) We help the marketplaces bring more tools to merchants
4) We help the merchants get funds to finance operations
5) We help the merchants & marketplaces grow the GMV

Key Features of GI Banking – The Fintech Bank

  • Networked Finance Technology Platform to enable multiple players finance
  • Core banking system & API layer
  • Big Data & Data-driven business –
  • eCommerce, Marketplaces integration & applications to grow the business – – Income & transactions
  • Business Network – – KYC – CRM & Appstore for third parties integration