We make business & society grow together

Why we do business

We are building together with our customers a new model to make business and society grow together.

We believe in giving more financial power to our customers to build together this new model of society while redistributing a part of the gain to finance great causes, such as healthcare, environment, quality of life… 

Everything we do, we believe in changing the way power and wealth are redistributed.

How we do it

How we do it

We invest in our customers to grow their businesses. We redistribute more than others to our customers, and to society.

We also help companies implement our technologies so they can reduce expenses and increase their profits (data, commerce, performance management software…).

We invest a portion of our profits in companies in order to have the power to influence their business practices.

What we do

We provide capital, technology & expertise to grow the revenues of our customers and the companies we invest in.

We design, build & run technology platforms (finance, data, commerce, business tools…).

We bring whatever it takes to help our customers succeed and change society. We use money differently, to serve our vision.