We build a new sustainable

model of society

           To grow

  Business & Society


We start by helping merchants and SME

Gold Behind the Cloud

In 2020, we extend our "Gold Behind the Cloud" operation

We invest $100k to grow the revenue of each of our GI Big Data customer.

    SME, large enterprises, are you ready to jumpstart?

-- Financial offer to online merchants --

We simply change the life of each merchant we help

- Fair Business Deal Innovation loan at 0%
- Working Capital between 0.66% & 1.36% for 30 days
- Marketplaces Financial Reporting to drive growth
- GI loans at 5%
- GI Big Data
- Free tools like GIOKR.com

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And we share
A bit of
Art & Culture...

Because the
world is

And because
We love it

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MisterB&B - Big Data

Big Data Power
General Internet helps MisterB&B to reach a new dimension with more Big Data power

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Merchants (English) - GI MFR - Marketplaces Financial Reporting