GI Finance

Purchase Order Financing


GI partners with BNP Paribas, first bank, to grow its customer base and banking revenues as well as RONE by financing purchase orders of vendors on Internet.

We finance purchase orders of merchants on marketplaces together with big banks

GI  invented, designed and built a new financial business activity, a Networked Finance Business between banks and marketplaces.

In Europe, GI operates the Purchase Order Financing business together with banks such as BNP Paribas.

We use data from marketplaces, merchants and data from the Web to extract single purchase orders and score in real-time marketplaces, merchants, products, categories, and orders.

Depending on the eCommerce and financial data, GI calculates many credit scores in real-time. Depending on these credit scores, orders are financed or not, with different commission and service fees.

Everybody wins:

  • The marketplaces and merchants grow the GMV and their revenues
  • The final customers get better prices as the merchants can get better discounts on volumes and payments from suppliers and manufacturers
  • The bank can grow its revenues and customer base
  • GI gets revenues & redistributes through the Fair Business Deal Innovation Foundation