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Business Analytics for online merchants

Merchants on marketplaces, we can help you like no one else. Example: Sellerie en ligne

Business Analytics for online merchants
Platform to finance purchase orders and ease financial control to grow revenue and margin

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To all merchants selling on Internet (marketplaces & direct sales) in Europe and North America,

Which needs their financial reporting on marketplaces to:

  • Drive more business, increase performance & revenue (Get the buy box, increase revenue & margin, understand the trends, and make the right decisions)

  • Declare the VAT, help accountants, be compliant with local tax authorities (Orders & payments-based VAT calculation, per country or state)

  • Certify data for partners (Share the certified financials with bankers, partners, investors)

  • Identify unpaid orders (Follow unpaid orders every day)

  • Understand the fees (Visualize the breakdown of marketplace fees)

  • Identify top products (Rank products per marketplace, build the best catalogs)

  • Access to funding (Get loans at 5% and finance your orders at T+1 (0.85% to 1.35%/mo.))

General Internet gives access to daily business analytics.

for just as little as 100 EUR / month.

Like no one else, GI changes the game, opens its network, and helps you grow.


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Customer success story: SLS in Europe – Sellerie en ligne

Read what one of our merchants says: Mr La Salvia, SLS, Seller on European marketplaces – Amazon FR, UK, DE, ES, IT, Cdiscount, Rakuten, FNAC, GO Sport, Rue du Commerce…

SLS is now on track to realize millions of Euros per year.


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Fair Business Deal Innovation Foundation

For those who need a bit more financial help, the Fair Business Deal Innovation Foundation will be able to help you grow by providing a unique no-interest, no-warranty innovation loan to purchase more inventories and show our financial partners that you are doing well with the money they can lend you.



Our offer is clear. We change finance and access to data-related technologies which are usually limited to large enterprises for cost reasons.

  • Integration with marketplaces: offered
  • Financial advice, financial application, financial network introduction: offered
  • Financial reporting for 3 marketplaces: 100 EUR / month
  • Financial reporting for 3 additional marketplaces: 100 EUR / month