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Zoomici - A new phase of growth with GI


With the funds of GI Capital, the services of GI Big Data Analytics, and GI OKR, Zoomici, leader in the distribution on marketplaces can extend the use of Marketfire and become a data-driven company.


Marketfire powers a new relationship between merchants and investors

How did this partnership start?

Zoomici wanted to find new investors to grow its business. Marketfire helped to identify the financial needs and analyze the business opportunity for investors. Based on the daily data, GI Capital decided to invest in Zoomici.

GI Capital is GI’s US-based investment fund with a focus on technology (fintech, data, Internet, eCommerce…).

Once a client of

Thanks to Marketfire, our business analytics platform, Zoomici is able to consolidate and analyze eCommerce and financial data. Our tool allows Zoomici to improve its business to enter a new phase of growth.

Marketfire helps to identify the financial needs and analyze the business opportunity for investors.

Now an investment of

To continue this transition, General Internet invested in Zoomici, through the GI Capital fund, allowing us to become a new type of financial & technology investor, growing business and society together.

The fund aims to give more financial power to our investors to build together a new model of Society while redistributing a portion of the gain to finance great causes, such as healthcare, environment, quality of life…

We are developing a new model aiming to serve individuals, and institutional investors who believe in our model and, of course, want to benefit from our performance.

GI Capital generates returns from investments in equities in Europe and North America. We invest in companies that serve the people, the environment and challenge the status quo. We mainly invest in highly liquid companies on the stock market and sometimes in great companies like Zoomici for instance.

GI Capital generates high returns because we contribute, with data and technology platforms and services, to the growth of the revenue and margin of the companies we invest in.

Powered by

Zoomici is moving from one of the best-in-class feed management and logistic eCommerce merchants to a data-driven company. Zoomici did a tremendous job to grow the business from 0 to more than €10 million. However, the margin is low in eCommerce. GI is bringing what Zoomici needs to grow the revenue and the margin by a factor of 10 thanks to the use of the data and new technologies.

Together with other partners, we design, build and run data reporting & analyses to automate the acquisition, sales, and pricing of huge inventories in 1000 marketplaces. All kinds of data are collected, audited, integrated into GI’s Cloud Data Warehouse. All business and technical teams will get access to custom reporting and analytics to master the performance day after day.

On top of the data, GI Data Scientists are able to find patterns to improve the business performance.

Data will fuel other technology platforms to generate new growth opportunities.

GI is already providing its GI Big Data Analytics services to Zoomici, and other IT services to power Zoomici’s marketplace distribution technology platform.

With even more services

Zoomici is also already benefiting from GI’s eCommerce expertise and technology platforms to increase productivity such as GI OKR, Web & API platforms…

GI OKR, GI’s performance management platform, helps Zoomici to achieve audacious goals and quarter after quarter reach higher performance levels.


We now have a clear idea of the future we want to build in the marketplace field.

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