Large Enterprises

New way to run the business & develop Network as Organization model

Invent, design, build & run new activities, systems & solutions
Lead with real innovators your digital transformation

SME & Startups

New way to drive business & develop the company

Build better solutions & fund prototypes
Demontrate proven success stories
Get new customers & do more for them

Business Performance – Senior Advisor

For large enterprises, we provide the business and technology expertise we developed along the last 20 years working on new business projects and advanced technologies with top notch leaders in USA and Europe.

We love to create new business activities, generate innovative business models, invent new solutions that drive new revenues or reengineer the business. We drive complex projects.

Project Management – Agile

For large enterprises, we bring engaged project managers which already managed complex agile projects. We also bring the tools to manage agile projects.

Innovation – Prototyping – Application Development

For large enterprises, we propose innovative solutions with our network of partners. We prototype with people that already have the skills, experiences, technologies or capabilities to deliver great results.

We manage to fail. The fastest we fail, the fastest we get returns.

We bring the resources (Software, Data, Engineering, Cloud, Content, ) and best practices acquired with the leaders to design, build and run scalable solutions faster, better and cheaper.

Business Development

For SME & startups, we advised on how to get the chance to win the game. We specialize in guiding startups in successful businesses. We become customers when we believe in entrepreneurs and solutions. We also invest when we can and bring the first customers.

We also build a Networked Business offer where each product or service becomes part of a business solution we bring to final customers.
We work on strategy, products and services, market, communication, sales and operations.