Press Release – Dec 10th 2018 – General Internet helps MisterB&B to reach a new dimension with more Big Data power

General Internet helps MisterB&B to reach a new dimension with more Big Data power

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – December 10, 2018, General Internet (GI), the “Networked Business” company, today announced that MisterB&B, has adopted the GI Big Data platform to power its data driven business. MisterB&B was convinced Big Data could fuel the growth of the business and tried several Big Data solutions before selecting GI.

As part of its business model to help its customers grow and make Business & Society work together, GI financed 50% of the initial project to commit to success. GI also cofinances the growth of MisterB&B when needed to reach new performance level on a day to day basis.

The first big rocks which were tackled were related to the optimization of the TAC (traffic acquisition cost) and CAC (customer acquisition cost) as well as the reporting and analytics of the company which now can be trusted. MisterB&B, first used the GI Big Data platform to collect, process and cross its Mixpanel user behavior data, Google Analytics traffic data and all transactional data as host and traveler customer data, listings, booking requests, transactions and revenues data.

MisterB&B is now able to measure the performance of different customer acquisition channels like Google Adwords, Facebook ads and Appsflyer, and optimize the investments on the advertising platforms and partner networks. GI built a brand-new model to follow “value-added customers”.

MisterB&B also selected General Internet as its Big Data platform because of the GI’s open business, open technology approach which eliminates platform “lock-in,” allowing its developers all around the world to use the most suitable tools and access & use the data for other internal projects.

Day after day, MisterB&B benefits from the platform to drive the business. At present, more complex projects like Elasticity Pricing are realized to optimize the GMV and the margins depending on the offer and demand, seasonality, location, market pressure, user behaviors and listing types.

Opinion of François de Landes, MisterB&B COO and Co-founder:
“MisterB&B has experienced strong growth and has developed powerful tools for CRM, acquisitions, customer service, tracking, reporting… on desktop and applications. And, of course, the multitude of data sources has made it difficult to put in place a consolidated vision. We have taken up the challenge of setting up a data warehouse in less than 6 months which has enabled us to quickly win quick-wins on both the acquisition part and the bottom part of the tunnel on the conversion rate part. GI was key in setting up the infrastructure based on GI Big Data technology and was able to support us with the provision of a data engineer and a data analyst both sensitized to the issues of a start-up. We are now embarking on a dynamic analysis of supply and demand in order to better target and anticipate our acquisition actions for travelers and hosts based on seasonality and geographic zones.”

“Often the challenge of building and running Big Data applications is very complex and costly. As we use Big Data internally for our eCommerce and finance solutions, we improve our Big Data solutions every day. We believe we can help our Big Data customers benefit from our solutions in an open manner, gathering the best of on-premise solutions like Pivotal we run internally, and Amazon AWS and Google Big Data technologies we use in the Cloud. We want to help companies connect all their data sources, all the data tools, do better every day with no lock.” Xavier Vaucois, GI CEO


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