GI Big Data Analytics

GI - BNP Paribas - GI Big Data


GI, together with BNP Paribas, runs a new data-driven business to increase revenues and profits.

GI - BNP Paribas - GI Big Data

We designed, built and now we run a full Big Data platform that benefits from our expertise with large Internet leaders to invent a new financial business with banks like BNP Paribas.

We collect data from many different heterogeneous sources like all marketplaces (Amazon, Cdiscount, Rakuten, FNAC, eBay…) regarding real time business activities (orders, payments…), legal registries, customer support systems, market data and much more.

We integrate data, audit the quality, build scoring models to allow the bank to finance orders at a low rate as we drastically reduce the risk.

Not only we can finance the real economy, but risk modeling is not based solely on annual financial statements which is a paradigm change in the industry.

We also, as usual at GI, invest continuously to improve our Big Data platform. We mutualize it to enable companies to become data-driven so that everybody can afford it.

Not to mention it but we deliver the Cloud Data Warehouse to power the data lake. We run all processing jobs (from data collection to reporting &  analytics, passing through audit & monitoring). We provide the reporting & analytics, the data science team, the API, the Key Metrics on TV screens to make people align on the data and share it (market data, prospection data, operations data, financial data).

With the power of GI Big Data, GI together with banks can drive a new business activity with a new revenue stream. They finance the purchase orders of vendors and change the invoicing business. Purchase order financing will change forever the invoice factoring business.